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INSTAGRAM: #DGMLIVE365 MI✈NY✈MIA✈CALI✈ATL✈ · Radio Station Link: live365.com/stations/dgment


Post Your Music, Video, Film or Event Tweets on our New Blog site!

Send $1 for Tweets UPLOAD

Send $5 for Music, Video or Film Submissions SUBMIT

NOTE: Send high quality photo, bio, music/video and twitter link.

Send via Paypal to: dgmmusiclabel@gmail.com

Visit our website for more services http://dgmlive365.com


Get 10 Radio Spins from 3 Radio Online Stations
Get 1 Radio Interview
Get 10 Mixtape/Blog Sites post
Get 10 Tweets
(Complete 24-72 hrs)

Note: Send high quality photo, bio, music/video and twitter link.

Send All Payments Via Paypal To: dgmmusiclabel@gmail.com



EARN CASH REWARDS by Referring Artist/Clients to DGM! Share your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, through email, or wherever else you connect with people. If one of your friends uses your personal link to sign up, and JOINS DGM for distribution http://www.dgmlive365.com/music-video-distribution (for the first time) you earn $25 in cash reward. Your cash will be sent directly to your Paypal account that same day. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so spread the word!

How much do I earn?
You get $25 for your first referral, and then additional cash for every service referral after that.

Total referrals Cash earned
1 friend $25 (New Accts Only)
1 friend $5 (Services $100-$200)
1 friend $10 (Services $200-$300)
1 friend $15 (Services $400-$500)
1 friend $25 (Services $500-$1000)
1 friend $50 (Services $1000-$2000)
1 friend $100 (Services $2000-$3000)
Over 1 friend with a $3000 purchase.. We will offer you a JOB!
Rules & Information

All referrals must purchase services in order to receive referral payout.

You can refer to anyone…Not just Artist. If they make purchases..You earn cash.

Your friend must complete the purchase within 5 days of clicking your referral link.

You earn cash rewards only for every purchases your friends make.

You can refer yourself and SAVE cash on orders.

Absolutely no cheating, gaming the system, or spamming. If we catch you red-handed, you can no longer participate in this program.

To read all the rules, please check our terms and conditions.

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