#CardiB Seemingly Sends Shade at #Tekashi for Saying He’s Hotter Than Her

Cardi B seems to have heard Tekashi’s Breakfast Club interview and was not thrilled about it.

6ix9ine entered the Power 105.1 station ready to bare all his thoughts on the airwaves. Even though he’s already birthed a reputation of sharing controversial comments on social media, the rapper took the opportunity to dig himself into a deeper hole.

By basically saying Bardi’s success came from “co-signs” from artists like G-Eazy and Offset, the unfiltered rapper claimed himself to be the “hottest artist in the city.” Regardless of her solo hit, “Bodak Yellow,” Tekashi doesn’t take the New York artist as a “self-made” pioneer. In typical B fashion, the Grammy-nominated rapper posted what could be a response to the comment.

6ix9ine may be comfortable sending social media shots, but Cardi took it in a different direction. With a red background, she wrote, “All these social networks and these computers go these n***as walking round like they some shooters.”

Surely the subtle comment may not even get under his skin since he admitted to having pride in being a “troll in the industry.” He went on to say, “I probably rub off wrong to you and a lot of people. It’s my job to get under people’s skin.” And he certainly does great at his responsibilities with getting under the skin of other blood-associated artists, like YG.

Story #Vladtv

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