Nigerian Prince Scammer Revealed to be 67-Year-Old White Man

Following an 18-month long investigation, police in New Orleans arrested an elderly man for his role in a so-called “Nigerian prince” internet scam that conned victims out of thousands of dollars.

Over a decade ago Michael Neu, 67, lived the conventional life of an administrator at the head of a faith-based organization. He had held posts as both treasurer and vice president of Blessings of the Spirit Ministries in Grand Prairie, Texas, according to records. But in the years since, Neu apparently picked up a scammer hustle that reportedly came to involve his connection with parties in Nigeria.

Authorities did not reveal how Neu managed to get involved, but it is said that the nature of his contributions to the scheme was as a middleman. As such, he helped phish for people to give over their personal information with the help of emails which duped victims into believing that they were promised to receive inheritances upwards of $1 million.

Reports confirm that through the scams, Neu was busted for his participation in hundreds of illegal acts. He is currently being held behind bars in the St. Tammany Parish Jail where he faces 269 counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering.


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