Jay-Z 4:44 Concert Tickets Aren’t Selling, Even $6 Seats are Half Full

So it seems that Jay-Z ‘4:44’ tickets are reselling for a pretty low price on Stubhub. Locations like Anaheim, Los Angeles & San Diego have tickets as low as $22 per ticket. Which is extremely surprising since some of the tickets were initially going for sale in the $100s on Ticketmaster.

According to Digital Music News, Jay tickets were going for as low as $6 for the Anaheim show just a few days ago. And apparently, even those tickets were half full. There was also a show with Vic Mensa that was going for $11 per ticket.

One theory is that people might be holding off to save some money and buy the tickets last minute. Another theory is that some people are just not quite interested in going to ‘4:44.’ Regardless of the case, this is extremely surprising since Jay tickets usually sell out immediately. And granted the first round on Ticketmaster did sell but now people are reselling them for less than half what they paid for them on Stubhub. This is the part that is quite confusing since folks won’t be making back what they paid initially. 

Source: digitalmusicnews.com

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