News broke last night about a New orleans promoter not paying Cardi B her money after packing their venue. Why was this news you ask, well Cardi still performed after letting the fans know that she was not paid. Cardi still rocked the place and shut it now. Cardi after the show had this to say

“This club is packed so I don’t want to hear that you didn’t make your fucking money” Cardi announced calling out the promoters of the club for not paying her. Cardi did not let that hold her back from still giving her fans a show, but rather than performing an entire set, she decided to shorten it to only two songs.

“Now, the reason why I can make it is because I love my fans so, out of courtesy to me, I’m going to perform two songs because I really love ya.”

“I hate when people try to play me. You better have my fucking money, I got bills to pay.”

From there, Cardi proceeds to tear the show down performing “Lick.”

The Club promoter later replied on reasons why she was not paid. His statement went as follows “I throw concerts by myself all the time. Not once did I make less than 15K + at the door. I average 1,200+ ppl a show, and I can show numbers on it all. I teamed up another promoter Morg W Productions bc I felt like if I had more help from a different crowd of ppl in my city that 1,200+ can easily be 2,000+….I let her and her staff work my door bc her team invested in me getting Cardi B and the concert. We met constantly every week about the show and our game plan on how the event would run. We had a deal structured that we would all do drops of the money. We had a clear understanding that I would be apart of all drops of money and I trusted that. First of all MorgW didn’t show up until almost 12:40 and when she came I was ready to do drops. Then I found out 2 drops were already made from her team before I knew. Mind u we have a for sure 2k ppl in the building HOW WE ONLY MAKE 11K TOTAL!?”

It has now been reported that he is missing and no one knows where he is. People fear that Cardi who is plugged in with the Bloods her crew got a hold of him. We will keep you updated as more info comes in.



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