Chris Brown on Fight: I Set Up a Private Gym and Soulja Was a No-Show! DO WE STILL CARE??NO!

If it happens, it happens. We really just don’t care anymore! Your 15mins is up!! LOL  

A lot of folks were disappointed late last month after Chris Brown backed down from his super-hyped boxing match against Soulja Boy, with many saying that Breezy got cold feet. However, Brown has explained more than once that he canceled the bout because what had begun as a way to bring awareness to street violence had been tainted by the involvement of too many middlemen and “gang members” who scared away the fight promoters.

On Tuesday, Brown commented on a video shot at a Soulja Boy show in which the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper sent shots at Brown for backing out.

“I backed out of the fight because the money/location and the fact that the real promoters were spooked by ‘GANGMEMBERS’ who wanted to profit off it,” wrote Brown. “I set up a private gym and he didn’t show up. So. There is nothing more to say.”

Check out Brown’s full comment up top.


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