GEDO drops “PARTY AT MY PLACE” on #DGM/Island Def Jam Digital Distribution @Gedomuzik



Joe “Gedo” Levy II was born May 13, 1990 in the state of Illinois. Originally from Chicago, he discovered his love for rap at the tender age of 9 years old. Tupac, Michael Jackson, Scarface, and Nelly are some of Gedo’s influential artist coming up. Moving rapidly through out his youth gave Gedo an edge on versatility, and creativity, but also confirmation that he should follow his dream as a rap artist. He was raised listening to Blues, Gospel, Soul, and RnB. By the time Gedo was 16 years old he was performing in nightclubs across the Chicago area accompanied by his then group Team Kaos. After graduating high school Gedo joined the Marine Corps and sought out a career as a solo artist. Since joining the Marines Gedo had performed Overseas (Bahrain) New York, DC, Virginia, Philadelphia and many other states. Currently, the Chicago native resides in Maryland where he teams up with artist through out the DMV area and New Jersey recording and promoting “M.A.D.E.” M.A.D.E. is an acronym for “money all day everyday”, its Gedo’s trademark slogan for success while on a constant grind to becoming musics next great artist.
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