Interscope Recording Artist Drops New Single! @HiT3CH_FanPage

1395531228Hi-T3CH drops new single “I’m Swipe’N”!  New Young Face of Hiphop Music / R&B , Has various unique rhyming patterns he Brings to the music game along with his one of a kind vioce. He started at the tender age of 12, He brags of writing his first Rhymes in class  and He would Recite them to friends at the lunch table, which in time gained him Fame amongst older kids in school, he would then have to battle style rap against his peers each day at the lunch table before he really blended with the older crowds, After Middle school he came across the chance to finally record a track in a make-shift studio, and fell in love with music that day,Years later he records in Top of the line stuidos all around the state where he still enjoy’s music. But before it was for fun ” Hobbie ” tunred job ” now he states it’s his job to make music for the people!

For Booking/Features serious inquires only or @LisaCarter_CEO








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