Rihanna Claps Back at Charlie Sheen for Dissing Her on Twitter

video-190799Rihanna don’t play that.

It may seem pretty random to hear that Charlie Sheen would jump on Twitter to air out his many negative thoughts about Rihanna refusing to meet him and his fiancee Scotty while enjoying a pleasant night out eating dinner, but that is exactly what happened today, May 22nd. Sheen posted a very lengthy tweet, venting in the most blunt and disrespectful way possible about how Rihanna turned down the opportunity for his fiancee to meet her while Sheen and his lady were out dining with her best friend for her birthday.

Sheen began his rant by explaining that after he learned Rihanna was at the restaurant as well, he sent a request to her table to have her briefly say hello to his fiancee, who is a big fan of hers. However, Rihanna apparently turned down the meeting due to there being “too many paps outside.”

Charlie wasn’t at all pleased with Rihanna’s excuse for not meeting his fiancee, and let it be known in full in his long rant. He called her a liar, and made fun of her pink hair looking like a Halloween costume, among other foul things.

Rihanna caught wind of Charlie’s slander and responded in true Rihanna fashion, with a little bit of swagger, sass, and a “no f*cks given” attitude towards everything he said.

Check out Charlie’s rant, Rihanna’s response, and fan reactions to all the drama in the slide above.

Source: bossip.com




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