Official Video by Take Off ft Sha Sha Jones “I’ll Be That” @Takeoff4405

Take Off

Official Video by Take Off ft Sha Sha Jones “I’ll Be That” – Now On iTunes!

Alford Tremayne Lennox better known by his stage name “Take Off”, is an American rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur from the South side of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Though he showcased his talents throughout the state of Oklahoma for the better part of a decade, it wasn’t until 2008 that his music became a career move. Take Off along with his label mate “LIKWID” created “Full Fledge Entertainment”, a record label based in Oklahoma. The two worked endlessly to successfully establish and solidify their name and brand in the southern region. Take Off credits the streets for his smooth yet gritty sound that he is so well known for. Take Off is also regarded as one of the pure lyricist to step out of Oklahoma City. True to the lyrics you hear in his music, you can find Take Off in the streets networking and pushing his projects, engaging in multiple opportunities, staying hands on at all times.

Take Off is an established entrepreneur being part owner of “Full Fledge Entertainment”, owner of “T.O Entertainment & Management”, “T.O Digital Media LLC.” which is a CD/DVD Duplication company, “T.O Clothing” and “T.O Mobile Advertising”. These companies made it possibly for Take Off to showcase his ability to manage and multitask while at the same time covering the markets key areas. T.O Digital Media was a key move that gave Take Off the ability to quickly saturate the market with his labels music, as well as gaining leverage over most of his competition with the ability to distribute his own music at a high rate of consistency. After gaining a solid grip on the market with T.O’s Digital Media, Take Off made yet another power move when he established “T.O Entertainment and Artist Management”, where he began expanding the brand via merchandising, apparel, event sponsorship and live performance opportunities.

Take Off’s ability to foresee the future and plan accordingly is visible to anyone paying attention. Currently Take Off’s single, “I’ll Be That” is getting extensive exposure and consistent radio play with the southern regions key stations. As Take Off would say “If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready”, a mantra he lives by.

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