40 Glocc & Lil Durk Respond to Game & Tyga’s Diss


Tyga recruited the lyrical help of The Game for his “ChiRaq to LA” diss track he originally had intended for Chicago spitter Lil Durk. However, when Game jumped in the booth and laid down his verse, the shots were spread out in 40 Glocc’s direction as well.

Game and 40 engaged in a physical altercation in the past which went public after a video surfaced online showing the Compton rapper pounding on a downed 40 Glocc. Tyga’s beef with Lil Durk is more recent, and stems from lyrics spit by Durk about Tyga’s lady, Blac Chyna, which Tyga wasn’t too fond of.

The diss song, “ChiRaq to LA” goes hard, and takes multiple shots at both Lil Durk and 40 Glocc. While Game doesn’t have any known public beef with Durk, he didn’t spare him any kindness when he spit his verse, and fired haymaker shots at both 40 Glocc and Lil Durk. As the entire Hip-Hop community has heard the intense diss song by now, both 40 Glocc and Lil Durk have responded to it on Twitter.

Lil Durk laughed off “ChiRaq to LA” and pointed out that Tyga let Game go in and spit the bulk of the fire on the song, but also let it be known that he’s down for whatever street activity that may result from the diss song.

40 Glocc joked on how The Game sounded lik DMX on the song, and also tried to clown him further, along with Tyga, as he claimed that Lil Wayne had to buy back a chain that 40’s crew allegedly jacked from Tyga. 40 later carried on about how he’s taking Game’s money in the lawsuit he filed against him, which Compton Menace called him a “snitch” for on Instagram, and also threatened to knock out Tyga.

Tyga took to Twitter to clarify with his Chicago fans that he has no beef with Chi-Town as a whole, and that his negative feelings are solely aimed at Lil Durk. Game simply retweeted a few tweets from people commenting on his heavy-hitting diss bars.



Check out all of the Twitter responses from Lil Durk, 40 Glocc, Tyga, and Game in the slide above.

More Tweets & Story Here: http://www.vladtv.com/blog/189729/40-glocc-lil-durk-respond-to-game-tygas-diss/287773/

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