Send your FANS a Digital Music Card Today!



Ever wanted to have a business card for your band that did more than say who you are? Tired of lugging around boxes of CD’s to every show? Our download cards help you to lighten the load, while providing easy to use, on the go marketing for your band.
Download Cards are business-card-sized cards that give artists the opportunity to host albums, demos, concerts, and any other digital media on our server; these cards feature full color artwork, and a code that fans can use to download your music! Download Cards are affordable enough that you can hand them out to fans for free, or sell them at a huge profit. Our cards are a great addition to your merch table, as well as a powerful marketing tool!
iTunes Unsigned has had the environment in mind since day one. All of our paper download cards have always been recyclable, biodegradable, and printed with Soy-based ink.

Your Fans Will Love Download Cards
Using the card they get from you, your fans will be able to download YOUR music for use on their iPods, Computers, MP3 players, Cell Phones, etc. The cards are simple and easy to use! Your fans will simply go to the link printed on the card, enter the code found on the back of the card, and they will instantly be able to download your music. Its really that easy to use! Our cards can even be used on many smart phones. That means that if your fan purchases a card from you at a show, they can download the music to their phone before they even leave the venue!
*All orders will require a $35 set up fee (size or type of order does not matter-Unless its digital items)*


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